Business Overview
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S&P Syndicate Public Company Limited and its subsidiaries operate business related to restaurants, coffee and beverages, bakery, and ready to eat food, and produces various food products under the name S&P. Details of operation, product and service types, and structures of the Company are as follows.

  • 1. Domestic Business Group
  • 2. International Business Group

As of December 31, 2015, the Company operates 466 restaurants and bakery stores under S&P brand, contributing most to the Company’s revenue. The Company positions each store-type differently to better serve different groups of customers. S&P restaurants and bakery store will focus on mass market, while other specialty restaurant brands will target more unique customers. Details of domestic restaurant and bakery business of the Company are as table below.

Remark: The Company operates 245 BlueCup coffee corners in S&P restaurants and bakery shops.

In addition to this, the Company also provides food delivery service (1344), catering service (Caterman) and also trading business.

1.1 Business Group under S&P Syndicate

1. S&P Restaurant & Bakery
S&P restaurant offers a variety of Thai food and international food, beverage and dessert, such as, BlueCup drink, bakery product, ice-cream under named, as well as various ready-meal products. The Company pays attention to details, quality, freshness, hygiene, safety, together with selecting the best raw materials and creating menu by professional chef with targeting middle-class family, teenagers and working people. The restaurant provides eat in, take away and delivery services. The customer can buy tasty frozen ready-to-eat meal, cookies, and Thai sweets. It is a family restaurant for everyone, everything and everywhere.
2. S&P Bakery Shop & Corner
The Bakery shops offer all kinds of bakery products, sandwich, coffee and ready-to-eat meal to customers in general community areas, such as supermarkets, department stores and offices to offer customers access to the company’s drinks, coffee, cake, cookie, sandwich, bread and ready-to-eat meal. The branches are mainly located in Bangkok and major cities in Thailand.
3. BlueCup Coffee
BlueCup Coffee is quality coffee outlets in the S&P shop and restaurant. It started up for the first time on January 21, 2002 at Siriraj Hospital, which at that time the coffee market has just developed in Thailand. According to the potential and the resources available, S&P has to offer the customer the quality coffee, and was the origin of the name BlueCup Coffee ever since. BlueCup Coffee presents in 250 S&P sales outlets all over the country. In addition to this, BlueCup Coffee also has a standalone-store type with its first outlet at Central World Shopping Plaza and Complex and the latest one at Suvarnabhumi Airport. The goal of BlueCup Coffee is to be a leading coffee shop in the minds of consumers in Thailand that offers quality coffee with delicious food and bakery in a casual atmosphere. The company plans to expand the BlueCup Coffee to the target market all over the country.
4. Delivery 1344
S&P Group provides home and office delivery services for its products through 1344 “hotline” to meet every customer’s need and life style with fresh food and fast delivery. We deliver you not only food and services but also value and convenience.
5. Caterman
Ideal catering service for any functions or special events. Our arrangements are completely professional and overseen by a team of specialists. The catering menu, including Thai and international cuisine, is constantly revised with new selections to offer clients more varieties.
6. Trading Business
Aiming to facilitate our customers to easily access to our products in other channels besides our S&P restaurants and bakery shops, the Company thus established Trading Business Department to look after this channel specifically. Under this trading business, we have products been created under S&P brand in various categories such as sausage under brand S&P Premo, cookies and snack under brand S&P Delio, frozen food under brand S&P Quick Meal, caragenan jelly under brand S&P Jelio and also moon cake under brand Golden Dragon. These products were distributed via domestic modern trade including hypermarkets, department stores, and convenient stores. Moreover, we also offer producing OEM products for various food chain customers as well as export some products abroad.
7. Vanilla Group
Vanilla Group is a brand targeting the stylish, confident teenagers and the young professional customers. The restaurants under Vanilla Group offer high-quality food in a unique ambiance
  • Vanilla Brasserie: Café/Patisserie Salon de the Creperie/ Chocolatier/Confiserie Inspired by French Cafe, the restaurant is designed to fit modern lifestyle customers who come to shop at luxurious department store Paragon Shopping Mall. The restaurant offer creative menu, such as crepe, salad, sandwich, chocolate, French sweets, and souvenir.
  • Vanilla Café: Japanese Style Café Italian-Japanese restaurant designed in Japanese Retro style emphasizing on simplicity. The restaurant offers privacy and a variety of Japanese dishes. The restaurant is attracted by the variety of Japanese sweets same as the party at your friend place. This considers as a choice of the high-end customer.
  • Vanilla Home Café: Quick Lunch & Street Food Easy Thai local food restaurant which emphasizes on high quality and freshness of raw material and carefully cooking, together with various bakery products, drinks and Thai sweets.
  • Vanilla Bakeshop Based on the concept of industrial look, this homemade pastry and dessert café is mainly built with steel, wood and ceramic while allowing the texture of decorative materials to reveal its true nature. Menus are mainly served in sharing style. Besides, there is in-store corner to offer chef’s table food and cooking workshop as well.
  • Vanilla Cafeteria The newest Vanilla concept located in Bangkok’s newest shopping complex, The EmQuartier, “Vanilla Cafeteria” is the hottest spot in town to hang out with either friends, family and your loved ones. Beautifully decorated in Art Deco style, this full service cafeteria offers a wide range of menu selections from the famous Vanilla main dishes, pasta, and appetizers as well as the best selections of coffee, tea, and bakery
8. Patio: Delicatessen
The international restaurant serves the specific group of customer who prefer the international Home Style Cooking in the simply and relax atmosphere.
9. Patara : Fine Thai Cuisine
The restaurant offers stylish Thai cuisine for business gatherings and special occasions. The décor evokes feelings of traditional yet comfortable Thai hospitality. The restaurant has received the Thailand Best Restaurant award 9 years running.
10. Grand Seaside: Seafood
The restaurant offers seafood and Thai fusion food in a relaxing ambience at Laem Farn, Sriracha, Chonburi Province.

1.2 Business Group under Subsidiary Companies

1. S&P Asset Co.,Ltd
Paid up capital of Baht 1 million, of which the company holds 99.93% and engages in real estate development.
2. S&P International Foods Co.,Ltd.
Established on July 27, 2012 to operate restsurant business in Thailand with the paid up capital of Baht 50 million where 99.99% of its shares are held by the company.It currently operates a franchise Japanese restaurant “Maisen”.
  • Maisen “Tonkatsu Maisen”, a top brand in Tonkatsu restaurant in Japan since 1965, well-known for Tonkatsu as soft enough to cut with chopsticks, making a big step for 48th Anniversary by consenting business alliance with S&P to introduce soft pork-deep-fried with a breadcrumb coating that spreads like a blooming flower, served with an original sauce.
3. Umenohana S&P Co.,Ltd.
Established on June 7, 2013 to operate Japanese restaurant and food products in Thailand with the paid up capital of Baht 25 million where 60% of its shares are held by S&P Syndicate Public Company Limited and another 40% are held by Umenohana Co.,Ltd. It currently operates a franchise Japanese restaurant “Umenohana”
  • Umenohana Umenohana is a Japanese restaurant with three main concepts as follows;
    (1) it is an authentic kaiseki cuisine deeming that the food consumption is not merely feeding one’s hungerbut fulfilling one’s inner satisfaction,
    (2) It offers beyond-expectation deliciousness focusing that each dish must always be special, especially its signature dishes – those menus made of Tofu or King Crab, and
    (3) It provides customers with unforgettable experience from well and consistently trained staff.

1.3 Business Group under Associate Companies

1. HD Distributors (Thailand) Co.Ltd.
Paid up capital of Baht 100 million, of which the company holds 49 % and engages in importing of Häagen Dazs ice-cream.
  • Häagen Dazs Café: Super Premium Ice-Cream
    The world’s super-premium ice-cream with the finest ingredients from around the world, Häagen Dazs ice-cream is crafted to be the best, rich ice-cream. The customers can feel the special moment at 38 Häagen Dazs Cafés and many more in hotels, restaurants, hypermarket and leading supermarkets.
2. Foodhouse Catering Services Co.Ltd.
Paid up capital of 10 Baht million, of which the company holds 49.97% and engages in various food businesses related such as operation of canteens, food production, contracts, food preparation for institutions such as hospitals, factories, and school. His is a joint venture with Property Care Services (Thailand) Co. Ltd., a subsidiary of OCS (U.K.) Co. Ltd. under the brand “Foodhouse”.
3. MSC Thai Cuisine Co.Ltd.
Initial registered capital of Baht 40 million, the Company held 50% of such company’s authorized share capital. Subsequently in February 2015, such joint venture increased authorized share capital to Baht 50 million and offered all new shares to a company. Thus, the percentage of shareholding of the Company decreased from 50% to 40%of such joint venture. The joint venture operates MSC Thai Culinary School.
  • MSC Thai Culinary School
    MSC fundamentally focuses on developing chefs to meet international standard. By doing so, the school has thus prepared courses for those who wish to be a professional chef and master in cooking Thai food. The school aims to cultivate chef for food service industry ranging from restaurants to hotels domestically and internationally.


2. International Business Group

The company proudly represents Thai culture on cuisine aspect in the foreign countries. As of December 31, 2015, the Company operates 23 restaurants in 6 countries as follows

2.1 S&P Global Co.Ltd.
Paid up capital of Baht 50 million, of which the company holds 80% and operates restaurants abroad, as follows:
Patara: Fine Thai Cuisine
Authentic Thai cuisines in modern and elegant environment with the western modern concept, Patara restaurant chain has 5 restaurants in England, one in each country of Switzerland, Singapore, China and Austria.
Siam Kitchen: Authentic Thai Restaurant
Siam Kitchen chain is well-accepted in Singapore. The Halal certified chain and is the only brand accessible for Muslim consumers. It is now operating 4 outlets.
SUDA: Thai Cafe Restaurant
The latest sister brand from S&P Global, is a Thai restaurant which celebrate the richly diverse cuisine of Thailand, made relevant for the 21st century young consumer worldwide.
Bangkok Jam (Singapore): Thai and Pan-Asian Cuisine Thai cuisine
that is influenced by Asian countries, targeting young and active life style professional group.

2.2 S&P International Foods (Cambodia) Co.Ltd
This company registered in April 30, 2014 with the paid up capital of Riel 10 million (equivalent to Baht 14.88 million) and 99.96% of its shares were held by S&P Syndicate Public Company Limited. It operates a restaurant business in Cambodia. At the present, there is one outlet at AEON Mall in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.


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