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Message from the President

" Successful performance in 2015 was a result of effort and hard work of all employees and the management along with strong surpport from our customers, business partners and all shareholders. "

Dear Shareholders,

In the past year, we have pursued our holistic company strategy, along with the input from every department to ensure that S&P will still remain everyone's favorite restaurant & bakery. This aligns with our vision "To be the Most Favorite Brand of Thai Restaurant & Bakery'.

Branding : Although S&P is a renowned brand that has been with Thai people for over 40 years, we never stop learning about our consumers. We continue to offer new products and services for our customers in order to reiterate our commitment to constant development, expansion to new markets with an ever-increasing number of branches as well as brand building through digital marketing.

Growth : Aside from implementing plans to invigorate sales in existing stores, through methods such as promotions, introducing new products and renovating our restaurants' interiors, we have also strategically chosen new, potentially high traffic locations for upcoming branches. S&P, along with other brands under our management has achieved sales that went onto increase our company's growth by 4%. Furthermore, we have built our brand further according to consumer needs and also according to the needs of the market.

Manufacturing and Trading Business : A big accomplishment for us this year was the ability to control our production cost, according to our target. Not only did this allow us to not overspend, it also increased our company's profit. Our trading channels similarly demonstrate an impressive growth. Not only did our sales increase from 2014 by 10%, we also faced the positive challenge of distributing S&P's renowned moon cake to China, further implementing our brand image.

Overseas Expansion : In 2015, we also opened another branch of the Patara Restaurant in Berners Street, London, which is the first project born out of our new partnership with Minor Group. Our shared goal is to further implement and strengthen business in the United Kingdom. Aside from that, we have also been infiltrating AEC region; S&P has opened its first branch in Cambodia for over a year, and received positive feedback and success, which further instills confidence regarding the market growth of this region. We are aiming to open two more branches in Cambodia in the near future, along with branches in neighbouring countries.

Innovation and System Development : In the past year, we have invested in the SAP ERP system which works at organizing our resources to ensure that they are effectively utilized. 2015 was a crucial planning period for those involved in the Company in order to lay out the blueprints to ensure that the launch of this system runs smoothly in 2016.

People Development : We emphasize on sustainable human resource development by providing all our staff with series of trainings on specialized skills for, among others, kitchen section, beverage section, bakery shop, and service while organizing management skill trainings for every executives. We also nurture our people through S&P Learning Center where we provide education to disadvantaged students from all over the country and offer them jobs right after graduation. At the same time, we co-organize professional trainings with vocational colleges around the country. In addition, we established scholarships at several education institutions for undergraduate students, preparing them with necessary knowledge and skills for restaurant and bakery business. Last but not least, we engage our staffs in various CSR activities including mind development courses (Baan Raiva) so that they become assets of the organization and the society at large.

Successful performance in 2015 was a result of effort and hard work of all employees and the management along with unwavering support from our customers, business partners and all shareholders. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the parties. I promise I will continue to lead S&P to a sustainable growth.


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