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Restaurant and Bakery business group was founded in October 14, 1973. From food, ice cream and desserts restaurants in Soi Sukhumvit 23 (Soi Prasarnmit), the Company introduced its bakery line and become the leader in custom-made cake decoration and cartoon-designed cake in Thailand as well as in impressive package designing. S&P food and bakery are well-accepted by customers which support the store expansion in major areas in Bangkok and upcountry. In 1980, the Company opened its landmark outlet in Siam Square and applied new marketing strategy to bring in more customers. In addition to this, S&P was among the first operators that opened its restaurant in the department store. For the upcountry expansion, Chiang Mai was where S&P had its first provincial outlet.

In 1989, S&P Syndicate Public Company Limited was listed in the Stock Exchange of Thailand. The Company has invested in both restaurant and bakery businesses under the brand "S&P". There were S&P restaurants and S&P bakery shops to respond to customers' requirement. The Company has built the "S&P" brand to be broadly well-known. Moreover, the company has been very successful in introducing new brands such as the contemporary Thai restaurant brand Patara; the international restaurant brand Patio; the high quality food in unique ambience restaurants brand Vanilla; the quality coffee outlet brand BlueCup; Thai sweets brand Simply Thai; cookies brand Delio; Carrageenan jelly brand Jelio Jelly. Significantly, S&P is deemed as the pioneer and still the leader in moon cake market with two quality brands, S&P and Golden Dragon, and with its well-designed and premium package.

For the overseas business, the Company opened its first Thai restaurant under the name Patara in London, England, in 1990. The restaurant was well-accepted and improved popularity of Thai food in overseas market. The Company opened more Thai restaurants later. As of December 31, 2014, the Company has totally 25 overseas restaurants in 7 countries around the world; England, Switzerland, Austria, Taiwan, Singapore, China and Malaysia, under various brands including Patara, SUDA, Siam Kitchen, Bangkok Jam and Bangkok Best Bristro.

For ready-meal business, the Company has introduced frozen ready-to-eat food under the brand "Quick Meal" and sausage products to accommodate changing consumer's preference and lifestyle. The Company has continued to invest in ready-meal research and development to respond to customer's demand by focusing on food quality, taste and menu variety. Moreover, S&P Group is the leader in catering business under the brand Caterman, and food delivery service (Delivery: 1344). Moreover, in order to expand its business to cover wider range of customer groups especially those admirers of Japanese cuisine, in 2012 the Company has brought Maisen –a top brand in Tonkatsu restaurant in Japan – to open its first outlet abroad for the first time. Recently in 2013, the Company introduced a Japanese restaurant serving authentic kaiseki cuisine under the brand Umenohana; also the first time to have outlet outside Japan.

The year of 2015 auspiciously marked the 42 years of its operation, in order to be the leader in food and bakery business, the Company has striven to develop and create the new products as well as to expand its business to cover all over the country and abroad without failing to offer its customers with the quality products and good service.

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