Invitation Meeting
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Invitation to the 2017 Ordinary Meeting of Shareholders
on Friday April 21, 2017, at 02.00 p.m.,
at Busarakam Ballroom , Floor 2, AVANI Atrium Bangkok Hotel
(154 KB)

Annex File Size Download
Annex 1 : A copy of the minutes of the 2016 Ordinary Meeting of Shareholders   326 KB.
Annex 2 : The annual report together with the statements of financial position and comprehensive income ended December 31, 2016 in the CD-ROM format   11.3 MB.
Annex 3 : Details of directors nominated for election to replace those retiring by rotation and the definition of an independent director  
  - Details of directors nominated for election and definition of "Independent Director"   758 KB.
  - Definition of “Independent Director”   58 KB.
Annex 4 : Two (2) forms of proxy pursuant to the Notification of the Department of Business Development, together with information about independent directors for shareholders who desire to elect independent directors to be proxy holders    
  - Proxy Form A.   53 KB.
  - Proxy Form B.   111 KB.
  - Proxy Form C.   116 KB.
  - Profiles of the Independent Director who serves as a proxy for shareholders   170 KB.
Annex 5 : Articles of Association regarding only the part relating to meetings of shareholders   75 KB.
Annex 6 : Documents and evidence which must be produced by the shareholders prior to their presence at the Meeting; methods of granting proxy, carrying out a registration and voting at the Meeting of Shareholders   112 KB.
Annex 7 : Form of request for a hard copy of the Annual Report   65 KB.
Annex 8 : A map showing the location of the Meeting of Shareholders   117 KB.

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