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Dear Shareholders,

Today there are numerous restaurant and bakery businesses in the market, offering customers a wide variety of choice, yet S&P continues to set pace. Our extensive experience and knowledge combined with the integration of new technology and advanced management systems means we continue to develop and enhance our business, our staff, and service to our customers. This has resulted in our renowned products and services maintaining the trust of our loyal customers, and attracting new customer groups; leading to continued growth to more than 500 outlets. We are committed to sustaining this growth pattern.

The secret ingredient to S&P’s success is our adherence to the principle of “Virtue”. A key part of our DNA, the commitment to good business ethics, honesty, transparency and accountability in governance, as well as social and communal responsibility helps propel our business forward.

This principle also helps people develop their careers and grow in tandem with the sustainable growth of S&P; it is a consistent message communicated throughout the company to customers, staff and shareholders.

On behalf of the company, I would like to thank the shareholders, partners, customers, and all executives and staff for your trust and support. We intend to maintain the quality and constant development of S&P in our 46th year.

Chief Executive Officer

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